• We do not tolerate irrelavant comments and people treating the comments section as a chat. Things that can be irrelavant can be chats and messages on message walls.
  • Using any type of foul language is not tolerated and will result in being blocked depending on the situation.
  • Any form of CyberBullying is not tolerated and will result in being banned from the wiki.
  • You may not edit pages and put untrue information.
  • Please follow the wiki guidelines.
  • This wiki is a wiki where Roshonoline and Tynka Shippers communicate about Tynka and such realated topics.This is not a site where users could get "Together" as not in the form of a friend.
  • If you have any questions,please contact admins.
  • Please report any form of cyberbullying to an admin.You can also report it anonumously.
  • Duplicating a page is not allowed.
  • Please do not offend users,give out personal information that can put you in danger,or spamming pages.
  • The Comments section of pages should contain comments relavant to the topic.

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