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Admin Help Program Suggestion By Red

Hey Guys,Red our awesome admin has suggested us that this Admin Support program can help us with wiki activities and learning new things to help the wiki.if you want to join please post that on my message wall and please answer these questions on my wall please.I will sign us up when all of us have made our decsion.
1)What would you like to learn from the program?
2)What does the wiki need assistance with?
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Admin Descriptions

Hi Admins,On the Admins Page I filled in things about each of you and please add to your section on the page or edit your section any way you want (It's Yours so be creative).
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New Admin Applications

Hi!This wiki hasn't been progressing in a good way and we need to make changes that could drastically improve the wiki and I wanted to start with adding new admins that could help me with editing,organizing the wiki,hosting events,and get more users that will be active on the wiki.It's good that we have some users but we also need more active users to keep the wiki alive!.If you are interested in becoming admin,please contact me and I will interview you to see if you are right for the job.I want an admin to help edit this wiki very often so the wiki could improve,At least have 200 or more wiki edits to prove that you are a hardworking editor,Be able to attend admin meetings and respond to important discussions.I Hope the wiki can improve and that we could move In a positive direction.

Best,AusllyGirl (Founder)
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Admin Meeting

Admins,We need to plan and have our very first admin meeting.There are very important things we need to discuss that can improve the wiki and get more users.To make the planning easier,I have made my very own schedule on the "Paint" to show when I am available for the meeting and would like you to make a schedule so we can figure what's the best time to have an admin meeting.It's ok to have one or two admins missing the meeting but our goal is for every admin to attend.Please put your schedules on the replies below.Here's some of the things we will be discussing at the meeting.Thanks and Please respond ASAP.
Templates and Template Making
Special Wiki Events and Activities
Wiki Advertisment and Getting more users
Changes to the wiki that could improve the wiki
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Admins,We need to plan what when our very first admin meeting should be started.To make the planning easier,I made a schedule of when I'm available and I would like it if you guys would also make one so we can figure out when's the best time to have the meeting.It's ok if one or two admins miss the meeting but hopefully all of us can attend the meeting.Here are some of the topics we will be discussing.

New Templates and Template Making.

Special Wikia events and awards.

Changes that could help the wiki.

Rules and Guidelines.

Wiki Ads and getting more users.

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Gift to our Roshonoline Admins and Member

I just want to thank our awesome admins for joining and willing to make this wiki and great wiki and to thank every member who has joined.
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